"Your voice, your vision"

Thank you to the League of Women Voters who hosted two Meet the Candidate Nights:

Here is a recording of the Oct 11 Meet the Candidate Night (video courtesy of Seth Wright) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVTfCEaDfoo&feature=youtu.be 

To watch the July 20 Meet the Candidate Night with the primary City Council Candidates, click on the link below: (courtesy of Seth Wright, candidate for City Council)   https://www.facebook.com/seth.wright.7393/videos/327485714331376/

Wondering about Kendalyn's vote on the City Hall project? Learn more by clicking here

You won't be at every Bountiful City Council meeting, you can't be. But Kendalyn Harris would be honored to act as your voice, and carry forward your vision. Her priorities include:

1. Being your voice. Kendalyn demonstrated her commitment to hearing residents concerns by her work to implement a public comment period at City Council meetings. She posts information online to encourage feedback from residents. Kendalyn pushed for surveys to be sent to residents to better gauge public opinions. She will continue to listen, collaborate and find win-win solutions. 

2. Keeping taxes, utilities and fees low in Bountiful city. This is crucial to the quality of life of Bountiful families and businesses. 

3. Maintaining infrastructure including delivery of clean water, quality roads, reliable electricity, garbage pickup and snow removal at the best possible price.  

4. Safeguarding property rights - you should have more say than the city about your own property

5. Empowering businesses for effective economic development. A vibrant business sector 1) creates jobs, 2) gives us a sense of pride in our community, and 3) provides tax dollars for the city so the burden is lighter for residents. During her first term, Kendalyn worked to start an annual Bountiful Business symposium to allow local businesses to meet each other and to learn useful information for their businesses.   

6. Smart long-term planning for the future of Bountiful. What do we want Bountiful to look like in 20 or 50 years? Collaboration with the Council, Planning Commission, developers and Bountiful Residents is crucial to carrying out a succesful plan. Bountiful's foresight (or lack thereof) on issues like vacant business areas and air quality will directly impact generations to come. 

7. Leading the Youth Council. Kendalyn has been honored to serve as an advisor for the Bountiful City Youth Council (BCYC). She has given hundreds of hours to provide meaningful opportunities for the Youth Council to plan and carry out educational and service projects in our community. She loves the kids she serves with on BCYC. 




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