Oct 5, 2017

Take the Survey!

Now that Stoker school has come down, Bountiful city wants to know what you would like to see on that historic City owned property just south of the Bountiful Tabernacle. Click here to take the survey and voice your opinion!


Aug 30, 2017

Constitution day is Sept 17. Celebrate by learning about our Nation's founding at the annual Freedom's Light Celebration at Bountiful Park (400 N 200 W) Thurs Sept 14 - Sat Sept 16. There will be people dressed as Founders, stories, booths, activities and the Musical - Give me Liberty! This event is for schools, scouts, families and everyone!

Thursday, Sept 14~

9:00am to 3:00pm   All booths and events open!

5:00pm to 8:00pm   All booths and events open!

7:00pm to 7:45pm   The musical - Give Me Liberty!

8:00pm to 8:45pm   George Washington by Gary Dozler with granddaughter Nellie.

Friday, Sept 15~

9:00am to 3:00pm  All booths and events open!

5:00pm to 8:00pm  All booths and events open!

7:00pm to 7:45pm  The musical - Give Me Liberty!

8:00pm to 8:45pm George Washington by Gary Dozler with granddaughter Nellie. 

9:00pm to 10:30pm Dance!  A variety of fun dancing music for everyone.  

Saturday, Sept 16 ~

​11:00am to 3:00pm all booths and events open!

11:30am   The Musical - Give Me Liberty!

 2:00pm    The Musical - Give Me Liberty! 

Visit http://www.freedomslight.us/ for more information. 


Aug 23, 2017

Dogs in Bountiful parks.... what do you think? Click on the link below to read my post http://itsabountifullife.blogspot.com/2017/08/dogs-in-city-parks.html 


Aug 15, 2017

It's the People! - Primary Election Results

With the primary election results coming in tonight, I was extremely humbled by the thousands of Bountiful residents who trust me enough to give me their vote. I was also so grateful to many friends and family members who have helped me so far on the campaign. It is easy to keep working when I think of what this is really about - the people of Bountiful! What an honor it is to work with you. Thank you!

See full Primary Election results here: http://www.daviscountyutah.gov/clerk-auditor/elections2/election-results

Aug 4, 2017

The Tour of Utah bicycle race hits Bountiful today. It will be exciting to watch! https://www.tourofutah.com/stages/5 There will be road closures and traffic delays mostly between 12:00 - 1:45pm  See traffic impacts here: https://www.bountifulutah.gov/file/2d7f9e7b-cd7c-48d8-b25c-1b35878e4fdf


July 13, 2017

The South Davis Metro Fire Service Area is proposing a rate increase. Attend one of these public open houses to learn more

July 19, 6:00-8:00 pm - Centerville City Hall
July 26, 6:00-8:00 pm - Woods Cross City Hall

August 7 at 6pm - Public Hearing to discuss changes at Station 81 255 S 100 W Bountiful

Visit www.sdmetrofire.org to learn more


June 19, 2017

Greek on Bountiful Main Street? 

Check it out. 

Bountiful Greek Cafe at 353 S Main. It's delicious! 



June 14, 2017

Summertime is a party in Bountiful!

Some of the great things about living in Bountiful are the traditional events that are held each summer! I remember going to chalk art festivals on Main Street and Summerfest as a child. Don't miss the exciting things going on in our community over the next few months including:

The Rotary "Coats for Kids" car show June 16-17 (classic car parade Friday night at 6pm and burnout at 9pm by Stoker school) downtown Bountiful Main Street

Farmers Market every Thursday from 3pm til dusk at the 400 North park

Food Trucks every Friday night at 6pm at City Hall parking lot

Handcart days parade July 21 6pm Main Street, fireworks 10pm Mueller Park Jr High

Tour of Utah cycling race August 4 finishing on Bountiful Main Street (mid-day)

Summerfest International Cultural Festival August 10-12 400 North park

See you in downtown Bountiful this summer!


Sept 2014

Main Street Music & Arts Festival this Saturday!

I love events like the Chalk art Festival, Farmers Market and Sidewalk days on Bountiful Main Street. So I was thrilled to hear about the Music and Arts Festival this Saturday, September 14 from 10-4 all along Main Street. This is a free event where you can see live dance and music performances, participate in hands-on arts and crafts and see artists doing their thing. There will be a sculptor, bagpipes, and “petting zoo” where people can try out different musical instruments. Three Little Monkeys is sponsoring a craft area and The Book Garden will give kids a book they can bind to create their own story.

Mike Murphy of Murphy’s Guitars is President of the Bountiful Main Street Merchants Association. He and many other businesses have worked tirelessly on events like the Music and Arts Festival to make downtown a gathering place for Bountiful.


Main Street is a nostalgic place for me. As a little girl, I got my ears pierced at Classy Chassis and rode my bike to Carmack’s for donuts and to Servus Drug for frosty mugs. There are many of the same shops on Main Street I grew up with: All Tucked In, Barton Comfort Shoes, The Book Garden, and Bountiful Music.

Thanks to Developer John Hepworth, there are some new shops that have joined these oldies-but-goodies. Vito’s and Bun Basket N Bakery are two welcome spots to get a bite to eat. The charming European three-story structures help invite a walkable neighborhood environment. The new shops include Touche, Madeleine L’Amour, Whisperwood & Co. and Paisley Skye. Bonnie Wright, Owner of All Tucked In says these shops have brought more people and a new energy to downtown. John Hepworth says the residential component is key to the success of the development. And he targeted niche-type shops that were independent and passionate about what they do. Jenny of Madeleine L’Amour credits Hepworth for having a vision and working to carry it forward. “He was willing to make an investment in the community” she says. Madeleine L’Amour is a French inspired home décor and fashion boutique. They have lovely jewelry, gifts and their taffy sticks are to die for.



We have wonderful Main Street merchants to thank for keeping Main Street a vibrant place for us and future generations to come. I’ll see you at the Music & Arts Festival this weekend!


Signs of Caring

July 12 Davis County Clipper Letter to the Editor

The beginning of campaign season brings with it the inevitable appearance of political lawn signs. Sometimes, it becomes haphazard, unsightly clutter. But, when I see yards and intersections dotted with political signage, I see signs of citizens who have taken the time to think about the issues that matter to them and identify the candidates they believe can best represent their interests. I see the signs of an active, informed citizenry who care enough about their community to proclaim their support for the candidates and causes they believe in.

When I see political memorabilia, it reminds me of my own first piece of campaign “signage.” I was a Junior at Viewmont during the 1992 Presidential campaign with Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ross Perot. I was so captivated by the race, I used a cassette tape to record the TV debates so I could re-listen in my car. I decided I wanted to do something to contribute to and advocate for the candidate I believed in, so I purchased a “Vote Bush” shirt with my own money. When it finally arrived in the mail, I ripped open the package and put it on right over the shirt I was wearing. I may have held only a small stake in that race, but it felt good to care enough to take action. For many, lawn signs symbolize that same sort of civic pride Р they are signs of caring.

Other signs of caring include parents who help in their children’s classrooms, volunteer with the PTA, or coach the neighborhood soccer team, business owners who donate to community and charity events (again and again), proud citizens who never miss voting on election day, men and women who serve in the armed forces (and their ever-supportive families), and those who call their city council person or legislator when a decision will impact their families. These signs of caring bless our community and beyond. We are all indebted to the people who are willing to take action and champion so many noble causes in our neighborhoods.

While I agree with keeping our neighborhoods clean of unnecessary signage, I applaud the many signs of caring, service and patriotism I see on a daily basis in our great community.

Kendalyn Harris, candidate for Bountiful City Council



Remembering my Bountiful roots

by Kendalyn Harris

May 11 - Davis County Clipper

After the massive windstorm that hit Davis County December 1, 2011, I was amazed by the monstrous trees that had toppled, their roots peeled from the ground in an instant. Some of the uprooted trees had easy access to water. The roots weren’t strong and deep.

The water supply didn’t require them to penetrate deeper to find nourishment. It made me consider my own roots. 

When I was 11, I wanted a bike. Not a prissy pink bike, it was silver and black. I admired it at the store weekly. Picking vegetables at the Bountiful Bangerter Farm was one of the only places where an 11 year old could earn money so I started there, along with our paper route. After a summer of hard work, I proudly walked up to the register with the bike and bulging pockets of money I had saved. That bike was my ticket to penny candy at The Cottage, swimming at “The Bubble”, and frosty mugs at Servus Drug. That bike represented the start of my strong Bountiful-grown roots. My parents knew that my sweat and tears would blossom into a deeper sense of what is possible with work and perseverance. 

Often, growing moments stemmed from times mentors took an interest in me. Sherry and Jim Parker lived two houses down and were students of the Constitution. They nurtured my love for country when I went to their home to read and discuss Cleon Skousen’s books.

Mrs. Bean was my creative writing teacher at Viewmont. She told me about an essay contest sponsored by the American Legion. When I won the local contest, she arranged for me to record my essay at a radio station so I could submit the recording to the next level. 

Brandon Thacker was the neighborhood caucus chair when I was 18. He encouraged me to run as a county delegate and coached me through the process when I won. Anne Christensen invited me to participate in the Davis County Republican Women Club. When I told her I couldn’t pay the $20 membership fee, she told me another woman in the club had offered to pay it for me. 

Thanks to countless nurturers, my roots have anchored me in times of storm and trouble. And while I can’t repay them, I will nourish the roots of children who grow near me. 

Work, perseverance and caring mentors will give future generations tools to thrive. 

Donate here http://www.votekendalyn.com/waysToHelp


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